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Your Open MV Cam's firmware has built-in support for controlling the Wi Fi Shield using the network module.The Wi Fi Shield is great for turning your Open MV Cam into a Web Cam.Now log into the software of the camera and click on the wireless tab.A new window should appear showing the Wireless Local Area Network that has just been created.Select the PSK or EAP When PSK is selected, your wireless clients will need to provide a Passphrase for authentication.When EAP is selected, you will need to have a RADIUS server on your network which will handle the authentication of all your wireless clients.The Wi Fi Shield gives your Open MV Cam the ability to connect to the internet.It features an ATWINC1500 FCC Certified Wi Fi module which can transmit data at up to 48 Mbps making it perfect for streaming video.

Next log into your router by typing your IP address into the browser.Step 4: Select the type of WPA encryption you would like to use with your wireless adapter from the Security Mode drop down menu.For WPA-PSK select Enable WPA- Personal Wireless Security (enhanced). AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) is a very secure block based encryption.If you do not know your IP address visit What is my IP Address they will immediately identify your IP address.Once typed in, a pop up window will ask for your user ID and password to log into your router.

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