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“Had I been on radio, had I been interviewed, it would’ve been over and over again.

That was just a quick way to say, ‘I know what’s taking place on the Web sites.

She and her siblings were raised in Castro Valley, California.

She began dating rapper Camoflage in 2017 and has posted several pictures of them on her Instagram.

Rita will decide live on Sunday whether or not Monica makes it through.

Filipino singer who gained fame after reaching the Top 48 on the 14th season of American Idol in 2015.

Though he only captioned it with “hot s**t cooking”, Chris looks preeettty cozy nuzzling Agnez’s neck and putting his arms around her waist.

Once something is put up on a Web site and things about your personal life are spread all around, it’s unfortunate,” said Monica.

“I don’t even know specifically who they spoke to, but I do know that I never felt so…

I guess the word would be confused more than anything else.

If you go to sleep and you wake up and you see something for the first time, it’s a little scary, you know. The reality is that I have to play my position as their mom and do what it is that’s best for me.” Despite the relationship’s ending, Monica said the two remain on good terms and that their journey together has been mostly positive.

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