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I can't seem to make my images appear, so here are some links to the screenshots I created.Hope this helps - glad to offer additional assistance.Here is the formula for my step 1 above: As for the step two, it seems that formula for data validation gets recalculated only when you select the cell so OFFSET doesn't have volatility in data validation lists. Step 1: It uses a series of 5 tables to bash the tables of x's of food/kid likes into something more useful which lists out for each kid, their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc likes followed by #N/A's for any "unused" like positions.As INDEX cannot return a range and Excel doesn't allow INDEX(..): INDEX(..) ranges for data validation, OFFSET is better for data validation lists. The fifth table contains the data validation information - its just a question of picking the right column and the right number of rows from this table.Finally, next to the Name cell, create a dropdown validation list and in the range put: =INDIRECT(VLOOKUP(Name, Choice Lookup,2, FALSE)) This will identify the Name that has been selected first, and will then look up which choice list to use for the data validation dropdown list.

I have a list of available foods: apples, bananas, carrots, dates, eggs, fish, etc.

The dynamic range will change depending on the selection of the first box.

In the dynamic range, use a conditional formula such as this: =IF($F="aj", INDEX(aj_likes,1), IF($F="rj", INDEX(rj_likes, 1), "")) It basically says that if F3 = AJ, select first row from the AJ_Likes range, else, if it's = to RJ, select first row from the RJ_Likes range.

Both then pick out the relevant bit of the outcome of Step 1 and apply this to the data validation rule. This will fill your first box with the names of your family members.

The difference between them lies in approach: lengthy and nested formula in one (so compact but needing effort to understand) vs more extensive use of the worksheet for recording the detailed steps along the way in the other (less compact but requiring less effort to understand). If you haven't added the developer tab to Excel, go ahead and do that now. So make one for "name" and then one each for everyone's favorite foods. Next, you'll want to insert a Combo Box (Active X Control). Then you want to link the list to a cell, so each selection will populate the cell with that value.

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