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planting material suppliers, cultivators, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in Peninsular Malaysia.

The overall research project involved a census of 6,544 players in the herbal industry, i.e.Three of these were known compounds with structures related to chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b namely 132-hydroxy- (132-R)- phaeophytin b, 132-hydroxy- (132-S)- phaeophytin-a and 132-hydroxy-(132-R) -phaeophytin [21]. 3: Chemical structures of A= ACh E activity was found highest in mice liver, followed by brain, kidney and heart B= result was reported as 50% cytotoxicity concentration. nutans plant extract at 0.005% and 0.01% damaged KFC cells and had the cytotoxic effect to the cell in those concentrations.C= This study demonstrates anti-HPV16 Ps V infection of C.nutans exerted inhibitory effects on HSV-1 action I= internal organ has No abnormalities J= The result showed that extract inhibit plaque formation by HSV-2 K= The ethanolic extract of CN had an antioxidant activity and protective effect against free radical- Induced hemolysis.1 September 2015 (Monday) – Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) has recently produced its latest publication entitled, ‘Directory of Herbal Cultivators in Peninsular Malaysia 2015’, containing information on 458 herbal cultivators and 75 planting material suppliers in the peninsula.

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It is commonly known as Belalai gajah, Sabah Snake Grass in Malaysia [1], phaya yo or phaya plongtong in Thailand [2] and Giro de flores, cocodrilo flor, e zui hua in chinese language [4].

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