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*A pdf copy of each document needs to be submitted along with the word/dwg file . The last GRIHA Technical Advisory Committee meeting was held on 5th July 2012.As per the discussions, certain revisions have been made in GRIHA.The new version of GRIHA is called GRIHA version 3.The overall rating bandwidths have been revised as per the AHP survey conducted among different stakeholders from the industry.

The technical document provided below highlights all the changes introduced in GRIHA ver 3.Ms Mili Majumdar, Secretary cum Treasurer of GRIHA Council answered live questions that were received from the audience during the webinar.The Webinar received an overwhelming response with 70 participants who attended the webinar.The overall structuring of the rating, along with a detailed explanation of all the sections (carrying capacity and self-sufficiency, site planning, energy, water, waste, social, transport) was explained to the participants through the webinar.The overall rating has been aligned with the format of the main GRIHA rating system – with higher scoring denoting the better rating.

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Those who were were not able to attend, have been sent across the link of the recorded version of the Webinar.

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