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If you want to maintain any semblance of sanity in this world, you must accept good enough.Good enough is not a nice term for accepting defeat. It means, it's good, and it's good to the point that it's as good as it needs to be.People spend endless time and energy talking and thinking about how to make the most of their 20s.They talk about taking them seriously and not, settling down and not, how to prioritize their years and time and energy and not.They were things that were right for the people we used to be, and the only part of us that didn't evolve was our mindset about them. Things that are new and foreign and somehow, unexpectedly, in your path and in your life are usually there for a reason.If you didn't choose them, consider them chosen for you.When people say "you don't have to be perfect" they don't mean "you don't have to be everything society says you should be." They mean "you don't have to be everything you think you should be." If you can't accept your own humanity, it will make you ungrateful and unwilling to acknowledge other people's, too.The most beneficial thing you can do for your life is remind yourself every single day that you will die.

You'll know what these things are because they will most often be the same things you're most frustrated with yourself about.If you can't go to a movie by yourself, or spend a weekend alone, or simply sit and stare out the window of a taxi without having to check your phone 12 times, you'll have a really small life.Because your life is not happening in the things you use to distract yourself from the moment, and you're missing each bit of it as it goes by.So here, not what you have to do to enjoy your 20s, but what you need to stop worrying about completely: Creating a timeline (or, as it more commonly looks, a set of ideas on what you should be and when) does one thing and one thing only: sets you up to be unhappy with yourself.It does not bring you a smidgen closer to actually achieving those goals because the focus remains on ideas, not actually doing the work itself (or finding the partner, or allowing life to unfold as it may).

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  2. Here's a common one: "I like to wear heels, so if you're under (insert desired height) swipe left." And it's not even just requests for guys who are slightly taller -- in some cases it's pushed to the statistical edges of male height.