Safe dating curriculum

Florida Statute 1006.148 mandates the following: Florida Statute 1003.42 requires that a teen dating violence and abuse component must be added to the comprehensive health education curriculum for students in grades 7 through 12.

The resource curricula were designed to address the core components required by the statute, including: The teen dating violence prevention curricula are designed for educators to use with seventh through twelfth grade students in a classroom setting.

The framework is designed to create a cooperative environment for parents and teachers to create a learning plan so that each child, no matter his or her need, can receive a developmentally appropriate abuse prevention education.

The framework integrates with current autism models and focuses on children recognizing facial cues and situational circumstances to determine what action they should take to protect themselves.

Prior to implementation, it is recommended that you read the Introduction for the curriculum you plan to implement in its entirety.

Each center provides training and community education for youth and adults and, depending on staff availability, may be able to assist you in implementing this curriculum in your class.

In some cases, centers can provide a speaker for your class about prevention.

In addition, facilitators are encouraged to participate in facilitator training.

Your local certified domestic violence center may be available to offer onsite training for facilitators.

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If you’d like more information about training on domestic and dating violence or technical assistance for facilitating this curriculum, please contact your local certified domestic violence center or email [email protected]

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