No credit card live foot fetish

And every time you pay, I want you to beg me to fuck you over harder. Maybe you’ve even given up hitting on women, or maybe there’s still a glimmer of hope left in you. I know you desperately want someone to pay attention to your cock and your needs, but I also know that you want to please someone else because that is part of your sexual experience. You’re just not good enough for women, that’s just how it is. Do you have an attraction to me that you’re trying to fight? You won’t even be focusing on that little thing between your legs, you’ll be focused on a real man’s cock, as you get skull fucked like the little white boy slave slut that you are. So first I want you to get naked and get on your knees and bring up my pay pal account. So you’re going to send me money and then you’re going to hit yourself in the balls because that’s what you deserve. I only let real men with huge cocks have their dicks out around me. Little pin dick losers like you simply deserve to be locked up in my presence. You need to suffer for me, you need to be reminded of your place and feel your cock locked as a reminder that you’re nothing more than a loser pig for me. I’m going to condition you so that you feel the need to lock your cock up every time you pay me because you know you don’t deserve to touch that dick even when you pay me. Soon you will know that you need to lock it up and twitch every time you pay me. I’m pretty much perfect and I am way too good for you. I’m sure you’ve been rejected so many times before. You cannot please women and you need to stop trying. If you want to feel that fulfillment of pleasing someone else sexually, it’s going to have to be a man. Your head bobbing up and down as he pushes your head down until you gag on his big black cock. And you’re going to love every fucking second of it. Little dick losers like you shouldn’t be able to touch their dicks when you even look at me through your computer screen. I want your cock throbbing as you pay me, but I don’t want you to be able to touch it. I’m programming you into becoming a locked up pay pig. You’ll be stroking with one hand while you hungrily suck him off. You will always be locked up in chastity whenever you are around me. It feels so good just to give in, to watch it sway back and forth. I’m going to snap my fingers and you’re going to fall into a deep trance. Soon you’ll be popping his big head in your mouth and then you’ll start eagerly going down on him. And then you can sniff and jerk to them all you want. You feel so good as you watch me lick and suck my pretty lollipop. I know you’re under my spell now, I’m driving you crazy with desire. You have no control as my pretty lips lick and suck this lollipop. You beat it so much that I can tell you really love touching cock. So I think what you should do is focus your time on big black cock. You don’t have to be scared or shy, I can help you with it. I’ve seen your browser history, you love jerking it to big black cock. You need a big thick black cock who’s willing and eager to let you jerk it. And once his cock is fully hard, you can start worshiping it. It will feel so good to jerk off a real man’s cock, you’ll realize what you’ve been missing all these years. And you can own these loser, all you have to do is send me your money. So touch your hard cock that’s begging for release and just let go and give yourself to me. And the blood that races from your heart instantly fills your cock, making it throb and pulsate. I’m controlling you with my mouth and with my tongue. The more you watch and jerk, the more you want me, the more you need me. My sweet, sensual domination is taking over your brain. You’re not good at any of that, you suck at it, you’re a loser. Start slow, be thorough, appreciate the veins and the girth of a real cock, and you’ll be rewarded by giving him a real orgasm with a big cum shot. Do you think you’ll be brave enough to fuck it the first time? I can get you hard both hard with my body as he gets ready to cram his big hard cock down your mouth. You’re so fucked but this is exactly what your cock wanted and you obey your cock. You don’t just get my tits, not even just for the price of this clip. I know you wish you could touch them, they’re so firm. Your only purpose is to jerk yourself stupid while I drain your account. Well losers like you aren’t allowed to cum while you look at me, ew gross! I mean you want to do it but you’re super embarrassed to do it in front of me, especially because you know that you’re doing it for me. I’m not going to be mean to you, but I am going to giggle and laugh at you as you do it.

I want to see that itty, bitty penis locked up for me where it belongs. Stare at the crystal between my cleavage, you will forever be mine. Feel that love for me travel through your whole body. And you’re going to love knowing that you are bringing pleasure to a big black cock like that.

You can’t do anything about it except to beg and plead to own the stockings worn by women. I’m the one you’ve been searching for your entire life. Tell me that you’re helplessly in love with me and that you want to be my slave forever. I know your heart is racing as you jerk faster and faster to my sexy lips wrapped around this lollipop, as I lick it up and down and push it deep in my mouth. Your hand is wrapped around your cock like my mouth is wrapped around this lollipop. I know how hard I make you, I know the effect I’m having on you. With every lick your mind gets weaker and your cock gets harder. What you really need to do is forget about all these preconceived notions you have about being a man, about jerking off, about fucking women. Why would you waste your efforts on your own little penis when you could jerk off a real cock?

Worn stockings own you, you can’t help it, you’re just weak for them. You knees go weak every time you see a girl wearing pantyhose. Any time you see this crystal on me, you will become instantly mesmerized. You want to love the only one you were born to love. Please use headphones in a dark room for the full hyp n0 t! You can’t stop watching, you can’t stop jerking, as I suck you down deeper into my web. You should stop wasting your time jerking off that teeny tiny little white weenie.

I don’t give a fuck what you do as long as you pay me. I love knowing that only I know about your sick fetish. And I know you’re scared your friends might find out your a big faggot. I’ve got black friends with big dicks, I’ve got black ex’s with big dicks who would love a white boy to use and abuse. Do you know that big black cocks throb as you stroke them?

You can wear them, jerk off to them, or shove them in your mouth as you jerk your cock while watching my clips. I know you’re stroking to the thought of owning these. Jerk it loser, jerk your brain out to the thought of being able to own and sniff these pantyhose. It’s so hot knowing that I know your weakness and how to use it against you. And I know you’re a bit nervous but you’re also ready to try it in real life. That little thumb tack between your legs is nothing compared to what I’m going to show you.

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