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It just need to mixer a carrot, a banana, an apple, a pear, parsley and celery. As much as the meals that she always prepares without meat.

Her father was Jan Arvesen who worked in the Norways flight services and was also an ambassador for Foreign Affairs.

Nina, without taking herself for a superwoman, likes to go at the end of everything she undertakes. Well knowing the problems that it can create, she takes part in official receptions, conferences that organizes the American Diabetic Association. Then, they knew each other better at a lunch organized by the fan club of The Young and the Restless.

Many activities which do not prevent her from having a betrothed : Todd Curtis who plays Skip, the cousin photographer of Cricket in The Young and the Restless. Todd offered a coffee to Nina and they did not leave each other since that.

She then was a waitress in a restaurant after having begun on her arrival in Hollywood, in 1987, in the movie of Mankiewicz, Dragnet, with Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks.

The future hero of Philadelphia had chosen her himself for partner.

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  1. John became attracted to Jill and arranged a get-away trip to New Orleans, but at the last minute, John canceled the trip saying he wasn't ready to become involved with another woman. The next day, Jill's roommate Eve Howard, gave her a letter from John that said that he loved Jill and wanted to be with her.