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Apple's solution to that admittedly small glitch adds a bit of cool to Face Time.

Regardless of the device we used--an i Pad 2, i Phone 4, and a 13.3-inch Mac Book Air--Face Time offered some of the most dependable video quality we've seen.

Still, Face Time delivered solid video connections, and the audio was the best of any app we tested for this roundup.

There was almost no latency, and the sound quality was so clear we hardly ever missed a word.

We experienced no dropped calls, laggy signals, or out-of-sync video and audio.

The next step in the process is to set up an Apple ID (if one hasn't been set up already).For instance, the small thumbnail of the video feed can be dragged or flicked from one corner to another with your finger, and when your caller switches from the back camera to the front one or vice versa, the video feed actually revolves around to indicate to the other caller what's happening.When this action happens in each of the other video chat applications, the video feed simply freezes for a split second before it reappears jarringly with different video.So should Apple fans stick to Face Time exclusively, or should they opt for other apps that open up communication to more users?Because the i Pad 2 and i Pod touch don't have phone numbers, Face Time works differently on them than on the i Phone 4.

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Calls made to the i Phone 4 from another i Phone 4 were clear at a glance, but a deeper look revealed that they contained some pixel noise.

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