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The tiny bits of ornamentation- the rolls, cuts and flicks of the bow, which are not written down on the basic tune, are the life and soul of Irish music.They are the difference between plainness and beauty, mediocrity and brilliance, Geoffrey Archer and William Shakespeare.The following examples refer to commemorative silverware with both no dedicated hallmarks and bearing commemorative hallmarks Silver hallmarking in Ireland has been very similar to the British one since 1494.

Because the tunes often change from player to player I think the written versions are deliberately kept vague in case being too specific allows them to become"static".

A number of hallmarks are struck on silverware crafted in Great Britain and Ireland to certify the fineness of silver (lion passant, crowned leopard head, thistle, lion rampant, crowned harp), the place and date of hallmarking (Assay Office hallmark and date letter), the payment of the duty on silver to the Royal Crown (the sovereign head and the Hibernia).

All these hallmarks are or have been compulsory (at least till the turn of last century), with some exceptions for little items approved from time to time.

The changing nature of the tunes is part of the charm of this kind of music" Ornaments can be either fingered or bowed; whilst in Scottish fiddling bowed ornament predominates, in Ireland the fingering is more important. Where two notes of the same pitch lie together in a tune, they will often be interrupted by a single grace note called a cut.

Tiny grace notes are very common, and can appear in several different contexts. The grace note is usually higher than the melody note; If the tune has a B note (ist finger) on the A string, for example, the cut would usually be from the D note (3rd finger, A string) or possibly the C (2nd finger) The grace note is a mere flick- don’t apply enough pressure to let the note sound clearly. The melody note is preceded by the same note plus a higher note-classical players would think of it as an upper mordent.

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