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There should be a clickable link in the right-hand column on your Home page (you may have to click "More" if you've already joined several groups).If you still don't see the link, just go to Facebook.com/groups.You control access, you can allow whomever you like to share messages and photos with the group, and, of course, it's free.For starters, you'll need a personal Facebook account (the odds are good that you already have one — more than half of 50-plus Internet users enjoy social networking today).Pity poor John Smith scrolling through page after page of Smith Family groups!In the Members section, you can add any Facebook friend to the new group.Be sure you understand the privacy settings used to limit who sees what you post online.

Another feature worth setting up is a group email address (you'll find this option under "Edit Group").To fly completely under the radar, choose "Private." That way, the group won't show up in a Facebook search and nobody but members will be able to see it — the group name won't even show up in your profile.Now just click "Create" and — voilà — your family has an online home!You create the first part of the address (say "AARPMember" as an example) and Facebook adds "@groups." Now, whenever anyone sends an email to [email protected], the message will appear automatically in every group member's News Feed.That takes care of the basics: If you need additional information, Facebook has a comprehensive help section for group features here.

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