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The game, despite not yet being released, has garnered itself a popular fan base on Twitter already.

Dating apps for gay men don’t have the greatest reputation.

We can cruise furtively through rows of profiles, eking out a string of flirty chats or just going for some unembellished, anonymous sex.

Especially for people who might be deeply closeted or marooned in bigoted communities, these services offer keys for investigating what may initially seem like errant feelings of homosexuality.

Just this month, it put together a group of LGBTQ media gurus in New York for Loud & Proud, a sold-out panel discussion that centered around the importance of inclusion in a diversifying media world. Lots of queer men power up their gay app of choice when they go out or arrive in a new city in hopes of finding people who might be navigating similar life experiences.

With open events and publications, these companies get to put their brands on a wider variety of gay connections.

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In many respects, this isn’t too different from the late 1990s, when online chatrooms cracked open a universe for curious queers that had previously been mired in mystery.

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  2. Expensive gifts are fun, but do I need them to be happy? "My girlfriend and I are just more creative about how we date," said New Yorker John, 28, who lost his job a few months ago and has been temping for lower wages ever since. She's the best at finding free concerts in the park and coming up with relatively low-cost nights on the town, like jazz night at a museum." Reality: Financial stress is often credited (pun intended) as the number-one relationship killer.