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A night in bed together was always followed by a morning pressuring Jack for the top model job.But Diane fell hopelessly in love with Jack, and began to delude herself that she would end up Mrs. But Jack decided to marry young and innocent Patty Williams in an effort to show his father he'd finally "grown up." When Jack was late for their wedding, he was found in bed with Diane by his sister Ashley.

John went home and confronted Jill with a photo of her and Jack, and John suffered a stroke.

When Jill discovered that John knew about her indiscretion and had left town and Jabot, she quit her job there too.

When John returned to Genoa City and Jabot two years later, Jill tried to explain about the night with Jack, but John had difficulty accepting it.

Jack was instrumental in the company's "going public," thereby allowing Victor's takeover.

A deal was struck to return control of Jabot to the Abbotts, if Jack would abandon Nikki.

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