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If you don’t invoice, you don’t get paid—but how exactly do you go about doing that? This comprehensive invoice guide walks you through each step of the process, covering all the basics of invoicing, from A to Z.

In turn, the customer fulfills their agreement by paying for the products according to the payment terms, for example within 14 days.

Adagio Invoices lets you enter the following details with each invoice line: quantity, price, cost, reference, date, up to 750 characters of description, and two user-defined fields.

This lets you clearly indicate to your customers every aspect of their charges, thus reducing misunderstandings and speeding payment.

Creating a professional invoice that fits with the rest of your branding goes a long way toward building a cohesive look for your business and underscoring the value of the work you’ve provided your customer.

An invoice that looks good, makes sense, and clearly communicates your payment requirements makes your customers feel confident in their choice to do business with you.

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