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Trembling I took a breath and stepped inside into a narrow hallway.

Again his bright eyes slowly took me in from top to bottom like I was a long awaited mouth-watering meal.

Behind there was some motion and shuffling but I paid no notion to it, until I felt the back of someone's hand lightly brush across my buns! No one seemed to be at all aware of the molestation happening right beside them.

Immediately my body woke up and my cock began to stir. My question was answered in less than a minute when a slightly bolder hand barely cupped my right ass cheek. I shuffled slightly to allow myself the chance to surreptitiously adjust my rapidly responding cock. The warm hand returned again this time with fingers lightly sliding up the back of my smooth thigh.

I was standing very relaxed with my hands lightly cupped over my genitals.

It was a very hot day and I was feeling in a bit of a daze. After what seemed like an eternity but was probably only a couple of assessing minutes on my predator's part the roving hand was back, this time daring little caresses and squeezes before it once again withdrew. I glanced around covertly at the other men pressed in around me.

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Suddenly I was on the street walking slightly ahead of a handsome older man in a brown open trench coat. Other than a few fun explorations as a teenager (maybe fuel for future stories) I had never even thought about being turned on by a man.

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