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As Sontag observes, it is ‘the romantic disease which cuts off a young life’, allowing them to transcend the trappings of the mortal body and ascend into the realms of the spiritual.

After many decades, during which mythology surrounding the disease snowballed and became almost independent of the horrors in which it originated, the ‘consumptive appearance’ found its way into mainstream fashion.

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Susan Sontag wrote about the popular mythologies sur­rounding two diseases: tuberculosis and cancer.

At the same time, attitudes towards heroin were changing; its price dropped and it became more accept­able recreationally, increasing in popular­ity as the AIDS crisis of the 1980s – which heightened awareness of the dangers of sharing hypodermic needles – was beginning to fade in the collective memory.

It’s hard to consider fashion photography which plunders images of illness without sensing the dark current which bubbles beneath them, glamorising illness and fetishizing poor health.

In this case the material is from the Era of Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn. If there’s an EDM remix of a Top 40 pop song, I love it and I’ve probably bought it on i Tunes.When I was researching him back in October, I stumbled upon an anecdote about his love life that I’d like to bring forward.Saint-Saëns was married to a woman named Marie-Laure Truffot (great French name), the 19-year-old sister of one of his pupils.Saint-Saëns, for what it’s worth, was 40 at the time. That said, it has long been suggested that Saint-Saëns may have been gay. I run into my exes every day of my life because, well, it’s a small city, but whatever., one of Saint-Saëns’ most renowned operas based, of course, on the biblical story of these two idiot lovebirds.

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