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The response has been both phenomenal and overwhelming.I wish I had time to answer every tweet and posting but it’s Autumnwatch season so please accept this message as that personal reply.I know you've updated it since, I've got a few more myself.For old guys like us, to see young people doing this kind of thing is absolutely fantastic, so keep it up". 10.00pm After the show the crew like to finish early, so I left my skeletons there and went back to the hotel the BBC had booked for me.

She was lovely and asked me to sign a copy of my book for her son.Read more Every year in autumn, migratory song birds travelling from Northern Europe to their wintering grounds in South Eastern Europe and Africa are trapped and killed in Cyprus on an industrial scale. I have gone from being nervous and slightly scared and excited, travelled over 200 miles, been on live TV (twice), spent a night in a hotel, and met some of my wildlife heroes. About two weeks ago I was asked if I would like to be on BBC Winterwatch Unsprung, a show which follows the main Winterwatch wildlife programme on the BBC which is the best programme about UK wildlife even though it''s only on for a few days each time. The only problem was, they asked me to bring up my badger skeleton which wasn't even close to being finished at the time !On the way up, dad stopped so I could collect my trail cam to see if there minute footage of the pine marten on it. It is a huge country house owned by the National Trust for Scotland.It almost burnt to the ground in 1991, but luckily all the paintings and valuables were in storage at the time. It was very busy with dozens of people coming and going.

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