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Awards were presented in about 30 categories including best animation, best Diaspora feature, Best Africa Film in the Diaspora and Best Diaspora Short Film Awards inclusive of Caribbean Shorts and Caribbean features, achievement in make-up, achievement in production design, and achievement in editing, achievement in screenplay, best actor and actress in a supporting role, and more.

The award for best African actor of the year went to Jahwar Soudani for his lead role in the Tunisian movie “Last of Us’’ while the Congolese born actress Vero Tshanda won the best actress for her lead role in the Senegalese movie Félicité by Allan Gomis.

The Pan African Literacy for All Conference (PALFA) hitherto known as Pan-African Reading for All (PARFA) is the biggest, most popular, most interactive and most enriching global literacy event in Africa.

This biennial literacy conference has assumed an unprecedented scope and significance bringing together government agencies and institutions, researchers, educators, publishers, librarians, international development workers and donor agencies from across the globe to interface and collaborate on literacy development in African.

The themes of the previous PALFA conferences so far held underscore the critical role of literacy in nation building.These will elude African nations except concerted effort is made to identify the paths to multi-literacies and the processes of accessing them.Stakeholders need to identify and establish evidence-driven measures to spur Africans to connect and engage with literacies for sustainable development.The extent to which nations are successful or otherwise is a factor of acquisition and application of functional literacy skills by the citizenry.The conference has journeyed through Africa identifying and exploring different themes as follows: edition is inspired by the need to interrogate the systems, policies and structures designed to entrench literacy culture for sustainable development in and among Africans within the backdrop of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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