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Evaluation KIT is integrated into Canvas, allowing students to provide feedback about courses and instructors via a convenient link located inside their course.

Instructors and evaluation report administrators also access Evaluation KIT from within Canvas.

Since the launch of Share Point Online (cloud-hosted) and Share Point Server 2013 (on-premises), those numbers have only grown, with Microsoft reporting more than 20,000 new Share Point users day.

When Share Point was released in 2001, the way we communicated and shared information, and the technology we used to do so, was vastly different than it is today. There were no i Phones or Samsung Galaxy Notes (Cutting edge mobile phones looked like this).

Available at no cost to Panopto customers in the Share Point app store, the app brings enterprise-grade video capture, management, and search to cloud-hosted and on-premises Share Point customers.

In this post, we look at the capabilities of the app and discuss how it complements the existing document management capabilities of Share Point.

After you login to Canvas, your personal Dashboard consists of three main elements 1) Global Navigation 2) Course Cards 3) Sidebar.

Hover your mouse over the image below and then click the numbers to learn more about each element: You can also click a student's name inside a discussion or the Gradebook to start a personal conversation with that student.

With one click, users can fast forward to the precise moment in the video where the search term occurred.

The app uses rolling permissions sync, ensuring that changes to Share Point permissions are always reflected within Panopto.

Batch media upload and transcoding – Video and audio files of any size can be uploaded to Panopto, where they’re transcoded for playback on any device, indexed for search, and made accessible from within Share Point.

More than 40% of adults in the US used dial-up to access the Internet.

And only 6% of Americans had broadband access.[1] In this bandwidth-constrained environment, the information we shared in online collaboration portals was almost entirely text-based.

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